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(Episode begins with a tour bus heading towards Roswell)

(At the Evans household, Diane Evans is trying out her cooking skills)

DIANE: It's a frijole fritatta. Martha Stewart serves it to her guests in the Hamptons. So. Um...Phillip! It's gonna get cold! Get in here!

MAX: Who needs a nice big glass of juice?

ISABEL: I'll get it.

MAX: I warned you about getting her a subscription to that magazine. How long are you gonna keep avoiding me?

ISABEL: I'm not avoiding you. We destroyed a race of people. I'm just trying to get past it. Juice?

MAX: You sure there's nothin' else?

ISABEL: I'm sure. Thanks.

(The tour bus keeps heading closer to Roswell)

(Kyle and Sheriff Valenti are fishing. Kyle appears to have caught a fish)

KYLE: Dad. Dad. There.

SHERIFF: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

KYLE: Ohhh...

SHERIFF: Ok. Take it easy. Take...whoa, whoa.

KYLE: It's, like, gonna break this thing.

SHERIFF: Just bring it in closer.

KYLE: Ok, I'm tryin'. I'm tryin'. But I need your help. It's like...

SHERIFF: All right, a little closer.

KYLE: There we go. There we go. There we go.

(Sheriff Valenti gets the fish off of the hook)

SHERIFF: Whoo-hoo! Oh, man! Heh heh heh hoo!

KYLE: Ok, look out.

SHERIFF: Whoa! The bagley bang-o-lure does it every time. Here you go. Get a good grip.

KYLE: Whoa!

SHERIFF: We'll be eatin' like kings tonight.

KYLE: That's gorgeous. That's beautiful!

SHERIFF: Ho! Ha ha!

(Kyle releases the fish back into the stream)

KYLE: Go, buddy.

(Sheriff Valenti is dumbfounded by what Kyle just did. He was looking forward to eating that fish)

KYLE: It's the circle, dad. The circle of life.

(Switch to Liz and Maria in Maria's Jetta)

LIZ: Would you step on it, please? My dad is gonna implode if we don't get this thing back by the lunch rush.

MARIA: It's your first day back in uniform. We have one break in an 8 hour shift, and the man sends us 30 miles out of town on an errand.

LIZ: Well, he let us stay on the clock.

MARIA: I'm sorry, Liz. I love your father dearly. I do. But this is totally Kathie Lee.

(We see a billboard sign for the UFO center. It's been defaced, with a glowing green rod stuck through it. A green pulse from the rod is shot at Roswell)

(Back in Evans household, Mrs. Evans asks Max about Liz while everyone tries out her cooking)

DIANE: Max, how's that cute Liz Parker, honey? She hasn't called here in awhile.

MAX: Could I please have some more fritatta?

DIANE: Oh, sure, honey! I'm so glad you like it!

(Diane Evans goes to get another serving of fritatta for Max, when the plate that she was carrying drops to the floor. She's disappeared)


(Liz and Maria, who were outside of Roswell when the green pulse went off, arrive in town to find cars stopped in the middle of the road)

MARIA: Why are all these cars stopped?

LIZ: What's going on? Maria, w-what's going on--Maria!

(Maria swerves into a baby stroller)

MARIA: Oh, God! I didn't see it! It was was just there, and I was going too fast.

(Liz and Maria check the stroller, but there isn't any baby in it. Liz looks around and notices a lawn mower going around in circles without a driver)

LIZ: What? What?! Oh, my gosh, look!

MARIA: What?!

LIZ: Where is everybody?

(The bus arrives in Roswell. Tourists start stepping out, including Nicholas. It's apparent now that the bus is full of skins)

SKIN TOUR GUIDE: Welcome to Roswell, New Mexico, folks...UFO capital of the world and last stop on our tour. Everyone, remember their sunscreen while you're out and about.

SKIN TOURIST: Thank you.

NICHOLAS: Let's find some aliens.

(Opening credits)

(We see Sheriff Valenti and Kyle driving back to Roswell. They stop at a billboard of the UFO Center that has been defaced)

SHERIFF (on radio): Deputy Hanson, we've got some property defacement up by the Chaparral Turnout. I need you to rustle up a ladder and, uh, take care of it.

SHERIFF: You could've told me you didn't want to go fishing.

KYLE: No, I did. I wanted to fish. I's just now I enjoy it from a different perspective.

SHERIFF: Different seems to be the story of your life these days. The guys don't come over to watch games anymore. You hang wind chimes in my backyard, burn compost sticks in the kitchen.

SHERIFF (on radio): Hanson!

KYLE: It's called ylang-ylang, and it opens the mind.

SHERIFF: You know what? If you laid off the mumbo jumbo, you might get a date every once in awhile.

SHERIFF (on radio): Hanson!

KYLE: Any other areas where'd you like to point out my incompetency, dad, or is the list complete at fishing and dating?

SHERIFF (on radio): Hanson, if I get back to the station and find you sipping a damn frappuccino...

SHERIFF: My one day off!

(Sheriff gets in his car and starts driving into Roswell)

(Meanwhile, at the Evans household, Isabel has searched upstairs and can't find either of her parents)

ISABEL: I can't find dad. Max? Max! Max!

(Max opens the door and enters)

ISABEL: Where were you?

MAX: The neighbor's house is empty, too.

ISABEL: What's happening?

MAX: I don't know.

(Isabel grabs the phone and calls someone)

ISABEL: Oh, come on. Come on.

(No one answers. Isabel slams the phone)

ISABEL: No! Mom and dad are missing! They're gone. Oh, God. Are we the only ones left?

(At Michael's apartment, Courtney has successfully changed into the new husk in the bath tub)

MICHAEL: You put the husk on?

COURTNEY: The fit is ok.

MICHAEL: Feels like real skin.

COURTNEY: For now. The husk wasn't fully mature, and I don't know how long it's gonna hold up. You saved my stealing this.

MICHAEL: Well, you saved ours in Copper Summit.

(The telephone rings)

MICHAEL: Here's a towel, and here's a robe.

MICHAEL (on phone): Yeah?

MAX: It's me. Meet us at the Crashdown right away.

(Scene shifts to the streets of Roswell. Maria and Liz are investigating)

MARIA: Look. Look, look. It's still warm.


MARIA: Ok, let's just go back to the car, ok?

LIZ: Ok!


(Liz and Maria head back to the car. Liz finds a piece of skin on the ground)

LIZ: Wait! This is not good.

(At the Crashdown, Max, Michael, Isabel, and Courtney are searching around)

MAX: No one's back there, either.

ISABEL: Everyone's gone.

MICHAEL: Every human. Whoever's doing this is trying to single us out.

(Liz and Maria arrive at the Crashdown)

COURTNEY: Well, there goes that theory.

MARIA: Michael!

LIZ: Max, what...what happened? We...we just got back from Dexter.

MAX: Our parents disappeared. It seems like the whole town is gone. All the humans, at least.

LIZ: Well, why not us?

ISABEL: I'm sorry.

LIZ: What is going on here? Everyone's gone? They're gone, like dead?

MAX: We don't know that.

(Maria calls Alex)

MARIA: Pick up the phone, Alex.

MAX: All we can do right now is focus on the fact that we have each other.

(Maria finds a CD on the counter)

MARIA: Alex's band just burned a new CD, and he couldn't wait to show me.

ISABEL: First thing we need to do is figure out who did this.

LIZ: We know who did this. The skins.

MARIA: Yeah. We found one of those snake skin things off of Elm street.

COURTNEY: Nicholas.

ISABEL: This is our fault.

TESS: No. It's her's. You led the skins straight to Roswell, Courtney!

MICHAEL: She's with us, Tess.

TESS: What did your people do to the town?

COURTNEY: They're not my people.

MAX: Stop pointing fingers. We're the ones who destroyed their harvest. They're here to settle the score with all of us.

(Isabel has been looking out the window. He sees people approaching)

ISABEL: Into the bathroom. They're coming. Now.

(Nicholas and Ida enter)

ISABEL: There's two of them...Nicholas and Ida. Hide us.

NICHOLAS: Check in the back.

(Nicholas walks to where the bathroom door was)

MARIA: Oh, please don't let me die like elvis.

(Nicholas walks over to the wall and taps on the mirror that Tess has created in his mind to replace the bathroom door)


IDA: Don't pick. There's nobody back there or upstairs, sir.

NICHOLAS: Look in the mirror. You're shedding.

IDA:'s the heat. Why couldn't those brats be from Seattle?

NICHOLAS: Let's get you back to the moisture chamber. This haphazard searching is going nowhere.

IDA: What's plan "B"?

NICHOLAS: We'll search the town...street by street, building by building, inch by inch. I'm not stopping til we find them.

(Nicholas and Ida leave. Everyone comes out of the bathroom. Tess weakly stumbles to the counter)

TESS: I've never come up against power like that before. It feels like...someone took a sledgehammer to my head.

(Liz leaves through the door to the kitchen. Max notices her and follows)

MAX: I'll be right back.

(Max finds Liz in her room)

LIZ: My mom always listened to Elvis Costello on laundry day. I am so scared.

MAX: What happened to your all the's our fault.

LIZ: We haven't lost them yet. We have to stay strong.

MAX: Yeah.

(Max sees Liz's bed and the images from the other night return)

MAX: I should get back down.


(Max and Liz rush downstairs. Courtney is on the floor. Her skin is very wrinkled)

ISABEL: She just collapsed.

MICHAEL: Max, you gotta help her.

MAX: Let's get her upstairs.

(Everyone helps Courtney to the bathroom)

MARIA: Um...ok, maybe we should take her clothes off?

LIZ: Got her?

(Isabel shuts the door on the guys)

LIZ: Ok.

ISABEL: What now?

LIZ: know, from what...from what she said, the husk is starving. It's looking at her thighs like they're 2 canned hams.

COURTNEY: I heard that, you bitch.

(Liz and Tess help Courtney into the tub)

LIZ: Uhh!

ISABEL: Well...what if we tempt it with food from...from outside the membrane...sort of like an all-you-can-eat buffet or something?

LIZ: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's worth a try. We need, like, some vitamins and minerals and...and nutrients.

MARIA: Ok. We've got ginko, bee pollen, echinacea, C, D, E, calcium, St. John's wort, and Pamprin. What? I was dating Michael Guerin.

(Outside, Michael and Max are scouting with Liz's telescope)

MAX: Main street looks clear. I just wish I knew where they were hiding.

MICHAEL: You think she'll be ok?

MAX: I don't know. You and Courtney have gotten close.


MAX: How's Maria feel about that?

MICHAEL: Why do you care? You've never been interested in my social circles before.

MAX: You were never sleeping with the enemy before.

MICHAEL: And I'm not now.

MAX: Then why was she at your apartment this morning?

MICHAEL: 'Cause she wanted to show me how the husk fit. That's it.

MAX: Good.

MICHAEL: Let me take a look.

(Back in Liz's bathroom, Courtney seems to have recovered from the nutrient bath)

TESS: Pretty quick recovery, don't you think? This "I've fallen and can't get up" routine seems a little too convenient. I think it's time for a Q&A. What exactly did the skins do?

COURTNEY: I don't know.

(Tess pulls the drain plug and the nutrient bath starts to go down the drain)


ISABEL: What happened to our families?

COURTNEY: Time exists in multiple subset dimensions on our planet. Nicholas must have a technology to impose one or more of these here.

ISABEL: Speak English.

COURTNEY: It's like being on Pacific and Eastern and Central and Mountain time all at once. Human bodies can't function. They simply disappear.

LIZ: To where? Where are our parents, our friends...Alex? Where is everyone? Are they dead? Wha...

MARIA: Water's getting low.

COURTNEY: Somewhere! Another dimension, another plane of existence! I don't know where! They seem to have just...shifted.

MARIA: Well, can we get 'em back?

COURTNEY: I don't know. Please.

(Tess replaces the drain plug)

ISABEL: Why haven't Liz and Maria disappeared?

COURTNEY: I don't...I don't know.

MARIA: We were out of town this morning. Thank God.

COURTNEY: It probably bought you some time.

MARIA: Ok. So, what did she mean by "buy us some time"?

LIZ: Don't worry about it. She said we slipped through a window. We'll be fine.

(A skin sees them and goes after Liz and Maria)

LIZ: Oh.


LIZ: Come on! Go! Go! Go!

(Maria climbs through the counter window. Liz tries to follow but the skin grabs her feet)

MARIA: Go, go, go, go, go, go!

LIZ: Maria!

(Maria pulls on Liz's hands, while the skin pulls on her feet)

MARIA: Go! Go! Go!

LIZ: Maria! Aah!

(Sheriff Valenti appears and shoots the skin in the back)

SKIN: Unhh!

LIZ: Oh. Careful, Sheriff! He's a skin!

SKIN: Yaahh!

(The skin knocks the Sheriff to the ground and makes a quick escape)

LIZ: Oh, my...oh...

KYLE: Dad! Dad, you ok? You ok? You all right?


(A few moments later, in the Crashdown)

MAX: If guns don't work, how do we kill them?

COURTNEY: Take the heaviest thing that you can find...and smash this as hard as you can. It breaks the seal in the husk...permanently.

ISABEL: What about Nicholas? What can he do?

COURTNEY: All the things you can...times a thousand. But the thing you should be the most afraid this.

(Courtney points to her head)

COURTNEY: He can get inside of your head and take anything that he wants. Basically, he rapes you of your memories and your thoughts.

SHERIFF: We've gotta get everybody to a safer location.

MAX: The UFO center. It's a former bomb shelter. There are no windows and fewer ways in and out. After we get everyone situated, you, me, Michael, Isabel, and Tess will start picking them off one by one.

KYLE: What about me?

MAX: You're not someone I trust. Let's move.

(Everyone is in an alley across from the UFO Center)

MAX: There's not much cover, so we should split up into groups.

SHERIFF: Good idea.

MAX: You ok?

SHERIFF: Yeah. Michael, Kyle, take Courtney. You guys go first.

MAX: When you're in, we'll send the next bunch.

SHERIFF: All right, go.

(Michael, Kyle, and Courtney make it to the UFO Center. Michael opens the door with his power)

SHERIFF: I'll take Tess, Liz, and Maria. You two OK bringin' up the rear?

(Max nods)



(Sheriff Valenti, Liz, and Tess move)

MAX: We're gonna be ok.

ISABEL: Max, if I ask you to do something, will you just do it, no questions asked?

(Max nods)

ISABEL: You go. Make sure everyone else is safe. I'm gonna find Nicholas.

MAX: No.

ISABEL: don't understand. He's after me.

MAX: Why, Isabel? What really happened in Arizona? We're stronger together than we are apart.

ISABEL: You're right. I'm sorry.

MAX: Don't worry about it. I'm gonna make sure it's safe. And then we're up. Ok. The coast is clear. You go ahead, and I'll follow you. Ready?

(Max turns around to find that Isabel has slipped away. He goes to look for her)

(Isabel walks around and finds the tour bus. Someone is playing with a remote-controlled car. As Isabel walks up to the bus, the car runs into her)


(Inside the UFO Center)

MICHAEL: I brought you some water if you want. We're gonna pull together the ingredients for another bath. Ok?

COURTNEY: It won't work. It's...I'm dying.

MICHAEL: No. No. No, that's not an option. Ok, there's...there's gotta be something that we can do. Courtney, what?

COURTNEY: You won't want to do it.

MICHAEL: Just say it. What is it?

COURTNEY: The granilith.

(Inside Brody's office)

KYLE: I can't call out of town.

LIZ: Kyle. Kyle. Um, do you see this jump on the graph? There was some sort of, like, electric disturbance that leveled off here.

KYLE: When?

LIZ: Um...10:30 this morning.

KYLE: Right about when everyone went poof.

LIZ: Kyle, if the energy field was turned on...

KYLE: Maybe it can be turned off.

LIZ: Exactly. I mean, we just need to find the source. If we can shut it off, maybe we can bring everyone back.

(Sheriff Valenti enters)

SHERIFF: Liz...will you excuse us for a second?

KYLE: Don't worry, dad. I'm stayin' out of everyone's way.

SHERIFF: you remember what you did the night after your mom left?

KYLE: I lent you Mr. Squishels.

SHERIFF: You were worried about me, and you didn't want me sleeping alone, so you did instead. That was a brave thing for a 6-year-old to do, and I was...and I was proud of you.

KYLE: Mm-hmm.

SHERIFF: I remember the first time you tied your own shoes...and when we, uh...we took the training wheels off of your bike.

KYLE: Ok, pop, knock it off.

(Sheriff stumbles)


KYLE: You all right?

SHERIFF: I'm in awe of you every day, son. And I apologize for not recognizing the man that you're becoming...because you're a're a darn good one.

(Sheriff Valenti disappears in front of Kyle's eyes)

KYLE: No! Dad!

(Max arrives at the UFO Center)

TESS: Did you find her?

MAX: Where's Michael?

TESS: He's in the back.

(Maris paces around. She walks by an exhibit with a mannequin in a window. She turns around and walks back and notices the mannequin is missing now. A skin steps out and blasts Maria with an energy blast)

MARIA: Tess!

(Tess sneaks behind the skin and kicks its seal self-destruct button)

TESS: They found a way in. We've gotta go.

MAX: All right. We'll head for the school. It's our turf. Get your dad.

KYLE: I can't. He disappeared right in front of me.

LIZ: You know, the skins' time dimension must be catching up with those of us that are...

MARIA: Human. Who's next?

(Kyle sees a UFO Center postcard and recognizes the sign in it. It's the one he and his dad saw earlier that was defaced)

KYLE: That time field is coming from the billboard out by Chaparral Turnout. My dad spotted a green rod stuck through it this morning. We thought it was a prank. I'm heading out there.

MAX: No. We stick together.

KYLE: Hey, I've been really nice about following your orders, Senor Presidente, but if I can do something to help bring some people back or ensure that Liz, Maria, and I live to see another day, I'm gonna do it.

MAX: Kyle. Look...take Bradford Alley all the way out of town. It's a straight shot. You can't get boxed in.

KYLE: Thanks.

MAX: Good all of you.

KYLE: I'll take care of her.

(Kyle leaves and Liz follows him after staring at Max for a brief moment)

MARIA: Um...I know how you hate when things get all goopy, so...

MICHAEL: Yeah. So I'll see you soon.

MARIA: Yeah.

MICHAEL: No. I will.

(Maria leaves)

MAX: Ok. It's the four of us on foot. If we stick to the side streets, we can...

TESS: What's wrong?

MAX: Where's Courtney?

(Inside the skins' bus, Isabel is handcuffed to the railing)


NICHOLAS: I knew it was only a matter of time before you rejoined our side, Vilandra.

IDA: Tryin' to ambush my baby. I should pull out your filthy eyes and grind 'em into dust.

ISABEL: I came to make a deal.

NICHOLAS: And what could you possibly have to offer us?


NICHOLAS: You always were a flighty little princess. Jewels before studies. That's our Vilandra. We have you, you beautiful moron.

ISABEL: I think you're the one who doesn't understand.

NICHOLAS: Leave us.

IDA: You can't possibly think that this woman...

NICHOLAS: Do you really want to finish that sentence? Leave. Now.

IDA: All right.

(Ida leaves)

NICHOLAS: Go ahead.

ISABEL: The last time we were together, you awakened something in me. I remembered things from our past. You and me.

NICHOLAS: Our forbidden meetings.

ISABEL: I came here for you. I know what's hiding behind that husk.

(Nicholas motions with his hand and the handcuffs disappear)

(Isabel acts like she's going to kiss Nicholas, but at the last instant, she pushes him to the ground. She reaches for his fanny pack when Ida comes in and knocks Isabel out)


NICHOLAS: Mom, what are you doing?!

IDA: Saving you, sir!

NICHOLAS: She was no threat! Damn it, now she's no good at all! I'm sick of this!

IDA: What do you want to do now?

NICHOLAS: Kill every last one of 'em.

(Liz, Maria, and Kyle are on their way to the billboard)

MARIA: If we get out of this...

KYLE: When we get out of this...

MARIA: Things are gonna change for me. I'm gonna start spending more time with my mother. I'm gonna...I'm gonna write more to my grandmother. I mean, these are the people who gave me life, you know?

LIZ: No! I can't leave it like this!

MARIA: Excuse me?

LIZ: Max. No, I walked out on him without explaining what happened between you and me.


LIZ: I didn't even say good-bye!

KYLE: Look, you've got a job to do. Max has got a job to do. When everybody's done with their job, you can make nice.

LIZ: He'll never know!

KYLE: He's Max. He'll always know. Right?

(Liz disappears)

MARIA: Liz? Ohhh...

(Maria and Kyle arrives at the billboard)

MARIA: Not Liz. I need Liz.

KYLE: Maria, Maria, look, look, look, look. She's coming back. They all are. All right. Now, Liz said something about generators and electric fields.

MARIA: So how does electricity work?

KYLE: Why are you lookin' at me? We were both in the same remedial science class for 3 years.

MARIA: Basically, we have, blow its fuse, right?

KYLE: That means we mess with the current. Do you have jumper cables?

MARIA: Yeah.

(A skin appears)

KYLE: Buddha, forgive me, but I'm gonna kick your ass!

(The skin rushes Kyle and he flips him over. Kyle goes to the car to the get "the club". He knocks the skin with it and then knocks the seal self-destruct button)

KYLE: Maria...

(Kyle disappears)

(Back in town, Nicholas finds Courtney who's lying on the ground)

NICHOLAS: When my soldiers told me what they had found, I had to see for myself. What's the matter, Courtney? Too weak to run?

COURTNEY: Leave me alone.

NICHOLAS: You always were the social butterfly, Courtney. Always the first to make new friends. But what I want to know is...where are yours hiding?

COURTNEY: I think I see a chest hair, Nicholas. Way to go.

NICHOLAS: Fine. We'll do this the hard way.

(Nicholas grabs Courtney's head and starts draining her mind)

COURTNEY: Ohh! Ohhh!

NICHOLAS: Let's had scrambled eggs for breakfast. Then you slipped into that husk that punk stole from us.


NICHOLAS: Boring. Boring. Boring. Aha!

(Nicholas sees an image of Max through his mind drain)

MAX: All right, we'll head for the school. It's our turf.

(End flashback)

NICHOLAS: School? On a Saturday? What a drag.

COURTNEY: I hope they kill you.

NICHOLAS: You've become awfully chummy with them, haven't you? Courtney? Are you hiding something else? You are. You have a secret. What do you know?


(Nicholas grabs her head again and sees another image)

MICHAEL: If anything happens to me, Max, or Tess, I want you to be able to save yourself. Now, if I tell you where the granilith is, do you swear never to tell anyone?

COURTNEY: I swear.

(End flashback)

NICHOLAS: The granilith! That's a bonus! I hope he gave you detailed directions.

(Courtney reaches behind to her back and presses the husk un-sealing button. She disintegrates)

NICHOLAS: Now, that's a soldier.

(At school, Max asks Michael where Courtney went)

MAX: You sure you don't know where Courtney went?

MICHAEL: Your guess is as good as mine.

TESS: I've got one. She and Nicholas are probably laughing at how gullible we are.

MAX: Isabel. Isabel.


(Max, Michael, and Tess look around. They're surrounded by skins)

(Back at the billboard, Maria grabs some jumper cables and starts to set them up)

(Max, Isabel, Tess, and Michael are tied up to pillars. Nicholas walks up to Max)

NICHOLAS: What happened to you, guy? You used to determine the fate of entire armies with the flip of a coin. Luckily for me, you continue to put your faith in the wrong people. Does this scene feel familiar, Vilandra? And your trusted second...the boy who spilled the secret of the granilith to one of our exiled members. Rule number one of war: keep your big mouth shut. Courtney knew that. That's why she killed herself before I could get its exact location. By the way, love the hair. Hope you win. There's one more thing I need to know before we can all call it a day. Where's the granilith?

MAX: I'm not telling you.


(Nicholas motions with his hand and Michael, Isabel, and Tess start screaming in pain)



TESS: Aah!

MAX: Wait! I'll take you there! Just you and me. This has nothing to do with them.

ISABEL: Max, don't.

NICHOLAS: This is too easy. In the old days, I would've been no match for you.

(Nicholas grabs Max's head and starts draining his memory)

MAX: Nyggggg...unhh! Ohhh...uhh!

NICHOLAS: Either way, you're going to die, Max. So why don't you just make this easy on yourself?

MAX: Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!

(Max focuses and repels Nicholas' mind drain)

(Back at the billboard)

MARIA: Keep it together, De Luca.

(Back at school)

NICHOLAS: Ready to tell me now?

(Maria hooks the cable clamps to each other and places it on top of the green pulsating tube. She disappears shortly afterward. The cables destroy the tube and Roswell glows green again as the effects of the tube are reversed)

(Tess screams shrilly and then gathers her power. A raging fire starts to build behind her and she releases it into the group of skins, vaporizing them)

TESS: What...what just happened?

MAX: You saved us.

TESS: Ohhh...

MAX: Vilandra?

(The pod squad looks around and see the the janitor)

(Back at the Crashdown, all the humans have returned. Alex is eating at the counter)

ALEX: Hey, these are freezin'!


ALEX: Mornin', Sheriff. Uh, skip the pancakes.

SHERIFF: Yeah? Hey, kiddo. How's it goin'?

ALEX: Good. You?


ALEX: Great.

(At the Evans household, Diane Evans is washing dishes when Isabel rushes in)


DIANE: Ohh! How hard can it be to sit down to one breakfast? But, no...everybody has to go running. Isabel, why can't we just be like a normal family?

(Isabel hugs her tightly)

DIANE: Oh! Sweetie, I'm drippin' water all over the floor here.

ISABEL: I'll get it later.

(Switch to Liz, Maria, and Kyle by the blown up billboard. They jump around hugging each other)

(Max and Tess are walking through a park, discussing what happened)

TESS: I just wanted to scare them with a mind warp. I thought if they saw was awful, Max. I lost control. Tapped into...something completely different.

MAX: You think you could do it again?

TESS: I don't want to.

(Suddenly, a little boy who looks a lot like Nicholas bumps into Tess while riding a scooter. The episode ends with Max and Tess staring after the boy as he rides away)