:: Świat seriali # 19

 21.9.2006 | Olka
Hm... Niewiele. Dla fanów Zagubionych plakat serialowej Kate.


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It's much easier to unrdestand when you put it that way!

lol / Both sides of this one are constructs. The htscivitas and the anti-Anonymous alike are full of disinformation processes and business suits. But the message that Anonymous is pushing as a central core tenet, that information is free, the internet is an undiscovered country and those within it are sovereign and should be allowed to explore, is a common theme amongst the sub-30 internet crowd when pushed by the super-30 activists of yesteryear. Being just old enough to be one of those late 70s babies with the weird 80s as a childhood, I see the look and smell the smell of troll all over both camps in this battle. As would say, It's a trap!

Recently, two mile wide UFOs were sighted over the English Channel by a relautbpe, seasoned pilot, his copilot and several of their passengers. News of this potentially earth-shaking event was relegated to mili-second sound bytes on the majority of American news networks: and usually accompanied with a snide, derisive, condescending tone as if the pilot and passengers were Loony Tunes. Yet the same news stations endlessly and I mean ENDLESSLY! watch and comment upon the misadventures of a non-entity named Paris Hilton as if her every move were potentially life-altering and of vital importance to America's need to know! This is the sad state of affairs in America: focus on the idiotic while the truly important rides the back of the bus, if it rides at all. What is more important? Paris' jailhouse converson or a mile wide UFOs spotted over the English Channel or the Phoenix Lights or, yes, Roswell? To everyone who has their head buried (by choice or force)in the sand of popular, pointless bilge please read this book! To anyone with an interest in Truth read this book. It is gripping, enthralling and if even 1/100th of it is true then the political and philosophical ramifications of it to we Americans (and all citizens of the World!) are immense beyond all comprehension. Yes .it is easy to follow the mindlessly flashy exploits of celebrity screw-ups. It numbs the collective brain of the country eases it into acceptance of the trivial. But America needs wake-up calls and this book is one of them!!! Read this book and realize that our government is a magic act and that behind its smokescreens there are serious, cosmic, incredible goings-on that we the paying audience never really are privy to. Only through the researches of determined men such as Carey and Schmitt do we begin to see peeks behind the Wizard's curtain. Turn off the life-wasting news about Paris and all the rest of her ilk and wake up to the reality of Roswell!!! This book should be in every classroom in America. The mind is a terrible thing to waste: reading this account will help keep us from burying our heads in the sand. It will literally help make us look UP to the inspirational, awe-inspiring sky above us with renewed wonder and question, instead of DOWN to the dreary, mundane, litter-strewn landscape of popular culture we are media-hypnotized to wade through

W nowym hocie, jest zdjęcie Emili. Pokazywali tam, jak można nosić opaski na włosy i m. in. jest właśnie jej małe zdjęcie.
Szkoda, że tak mało tym razem w ŚS.