:: Co si naprawd wydarzyo w Roswell 1947?

 14.1.2004 | alex
4 lipca 1947 roku na pustyni w pobliu Roswell w stanie Nowy Meksyk uleg katastrofie pojazd kosmiczny cywilizacji pozaziemskiej. Czy by to wrak wraz z ciaami obcych, ktry odnalaza i zabezpieczya specjalna ekipa amerykaskich si powietrznych . Czy Pentagon zablokowa wszelkie informacje , a dalsze badania wypadku otoczona cis tajemnic?
Moe to by jednak naprawd zwyky balon meterologiczny? Moe ludzie zRoswell chcieli uratowa podupadajce miasteczko i wymylili t histori?
A jeli naprawd byo to UFO? A jak nie, to i tak powinnimy by im wdziczni, gdy bez tej historii nie powsta by nasz serial.
A wy jak mylicie? Rzdowy spisek? Czy spisek mieszkacw Roswell? A moe prawda kryje si gdzie tam...

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Thanks so much for writing, Chelsea. It was great to hear your ththougs on Fingerprints. Anthony is actually one of my favorite guy characters out of all the books I've written. He had so much to overcome, and was so far from perfect, but he had such a good heart.Sometimes I take little things from people I know and use them for characters, but I don't really base whole characters on a person. Like the dad in the Roswell High series got his love of the Grateful Dead from my older brother.As for the background of the psi power, my editor and I worked on that together. We tossed out lots of possibilities about where Rae's abilities could have come from. I can't exactly tell you how we thought of the various scenarios. It's often hard to pinpoint where an idea comes from. But I get ideas in the shower too! And when I'm out walking. When Laura (she's my writing partner on a lot of books) and I lived in the same city, sometimes we'd go for a walk and brainstorm.When I get writer's block as I'm outlining a book, I try to come up with just the big scenes in whatever I'm working on. Then I go back and try to figure out what scenes need to happen between the big scenes. If I get blocked while I'm in the middle of writing, sometimes I skip ahead and write a scene I'm really excited about and that sometimes gets me past it.I hope you enjoy #7.Melinda

Yay for another Buffy wehatcr, I find the quips and one liners hilarious. We go on road trips with our dog all the time, but when we take flights she gets to go to an all inclusive love fest with family. I wrote about dogs and travel here: She is also the last dog pictured.

I could watch Schindler's List and still be happy after reidnag this.

That's not just logic. That's really seinbsle.

Super excited to see more of this kind of stuff onnlie.

All of my questions settled-thnkas!

Right on-this helped me sort tinhgs right out.

Jasne, e to prawda. Wiedz to wszyscy, ale nikt nie ma odwagi o tym otwarcie mwi z obawy przed miesznoci w oczach sceptykw.

Powiem wam jedno!!! Ja wierz, e wydyo si to w roswell!!!
Szukaem ostatnio co na ten temat i znalazem LINK z emula!!! „Sekcja zwok kosmity - Roswell (1947)”

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