:: Colin Hanks w Dexterze

 13.5.2011 | alex
Szybki news - @katemusic podesłała świetnego newsa, na którego ja wpadłem dopiero dzisiaj. Colin Hanks ma zagrać w szóstej serii serialu Dexter. Podobna ma to być duża rola. Czy będzie to wróg Dextera? Tego nie wie nikt.

Serial Dexter produkuje stacja Showtime. Do tej pory produkcja miała 72 nominacji i 21 wygranych nagród w przeróżnych prestiżowych imprezach ( BAFTA, Złote Globy, Emmy).

I co wy na to?

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I now own 4 of your books and saw your special on OPB (Oregon) and I think your rersaech is terribly important. I am a 54 year old woman (yes, I'm in menopause) with a Masters degree with ADHD and Fibromyalgia and I strongly believe that they are connected (in the brain) and that you could help people with fibromyalgia too through changing their brains. Recent reseach on fibromyalgia shows that the frontal lobes are not lighting up properly and that seratonin and another brain chemical levels are low while P the pain transmitter is very high. I really beg you to rersaech how to help folks with fibromyalgia PLEASE!!!! There are many of us and doctors have no clue how to help us. Pain medications don't work and the worst part is the fatigue. Imagine someone with ADHD (yes, I would be hyperactive and love aerobic activity) confined to a recliner in pain and so deeply fatigued sometimes I can hardly hold a book to read. I snore loudly and suffer severe hot flashes now for about 9 years. I have severely dry eyes at night and horrible foot pain that wakes me up to stretch my hamstrings. Repetitive motion brings on flare ups so cleaning house is impossible. I lost my career as a high school teacher due to these problems and have been going to a psychotherapist for many years. On top ADHD and fibromyalgia I have a genetic liver defect: hereditary coproporphyria and I can not take any drugs for ADHD or Fibromyalgia. Another health problem made HRT forbidden. This is what works for me: I take vitamins, potassium chelate, evening primrose oil, flax seed oil, eat almonds, never ever drink, smoke or use drugs or coffee, and I dance and swim in the water 5 days a week at my athletic club while I listen to upbeat R&R music on my waterproof MP3 player (H2O Man). If you could add fibromyalgia to your brain rersaech I know that many women (9 out of 10 with fibromyalgia are women) all over the world would thank you. So little is being done for us. Many times we are treated as lazy hypochondriacs. I know this is a brain problem. There has to be a way to heal it. I believe it is connected to ADHD in some way. Most of the women who have it used to be Type A overachievers. Many were molested as children. Some had painful neck or back injuries before fibromyalgia. All of them have had years of chronic stress. All of these things affect our brains and our sense of self esteem and how we take care of ourselves and what kinds of careers and life partners we pick. There has to be a connection. Please help us. I believe in you.

Son of a gun, this is so hlpeful!

SUPER!!! tylko 'podobna' na podobno zmieńcie ;p

How could any of this be better stated? It cuoldn't.

o! a to nowość. ciekawe co z tego wyjdzie, chętnie zobaczę jak Colin odnajdzie się w Dexterze.

Będzie się działo

jak podaje serwis "Colin Hanks będzie grał człowieka o imieniu Travis, bardzo inteligentnego eksperta od starożytnych znalezisk, który będzie powiązany z serią morderstw w Miami" :) zapowiada się ciekawie :)
oj już się nie mogę doczekać :)

Ja jestem na piątym sezonie i zapewne obejrzę i szósty. :) a to że zagra Colin dużą rolę to świetny news, mam nadzieję że będzie miał ciekawą rolę. xD