:: Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery

 25.9.2009 | alex
W świat poszedł news, że 15 września Ellen Pompeo urodziła córeczkę. Wraz z mężem (Chris Ivery) nazwali ją Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery. Aktorka urodziła w wieku 39 lat. Jak podaje strona Ellen miała powiedzieć:

To ogromna zmiana w naszym życiu. Podchodzę do tego bardzo poważnie. Chris i ja bardzo lubimy cieszyć się naszym życiem takim, jakie jest. Pojawienie się dziecka nie oznacza, że zacznie nam brakować zabawy, imprez, czasu tylko we dwoje, czy upojnego seksu do piątej nad ranem...”

W sieci już jest dostępny premierowy dwugodzinny odcinek szóstego sezonu Grey's Anatomy.

Redakcja życzy Wszystkiego Najlepszego całej rodzinie.

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I don't watch this show but I love what Ellen has to say. She seems very nice and down to earth. I can totally realte to this in a different way. My sister just recently turned 30 and she is the 2nd grandchild on my mom's side of the family. She went to a great college in PA and has an amazing job with a company in Pittsburgh and she is very smart. I admire her greatly. Two of my cousins (1st and 3rd grandchild on my mom's side they're brother and sister) got married one in 2006 and is now expecting a baby late spring and the other one got married in 2008 and doesn't have kids yet but probably will. My sister has always been treated differently because she did not get married right after college like my cousins did. Also, my sister bought her own house with her own money something my relatives can't say they did or could do because without their spouse's income they couldn't afford it. No one in our family helped her move to her house, no ever came to visit or bought her a housewarming gift.She still to this day, gets treated terribly because she is not married, has no kids and is very successful at her job. She recently got a new promotion and she travels a lot more. She even went on a trip out of the country on her own. She doesn't want to get married or have kids like everyone in our family is expecting her to follow in their footsteps and because of that they ignore her. She often gets the cold shoulder every family function because she chose a different path in life and for that I have a great respect for her. She is even lucky if she hears from them on her birthday.My point is, that you don't have to follow what society or your family expects. Just follow your goals and dreams. Some people just don't want to get married or have kids and that's okay. It's not for everyone. (sorry if this is too long but I really needed to say this.)

Także życzę powodzenia w powiększonym gronie rodzinnym :)