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 24.9.2009 | alex
Jak donosi National Enquirer (amerykański brukowiec), córeczka Katheriny Heigl i Josha Kelley'a urodziła się z poważną wadą serca i w drugim miesiącu życia miała przeprowadzoną operację. Naleigh miała dziurę w sercu, co przyczyniło się do przyśpieszenia procedury adopcyjnej. Jak widać na zdjęciu córeczka ma się dobrze i jest już w domu u rodziców. Inne zdjęcia na

Redakcja życzy zdrowia małej Heigl'ównej :)

Za informację dziękuję kr1999 - imienia nie znam, bo nie podpisano.


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Maybe I’m the only one with this question, but I have to ask it. Why do I have to know that she wore diapers? I mean the story as a whole is nertwsohy, but this particular detail is disgusting and trivial. Would this have been included 20 or 30 years ago?

Hey, you'll like it living here at Madness Alley. For srrettas, you can walk around butt-naked and nobody would mind :-PI don't think it's got much to do with Numerology or a special significance of the number 5. But what I do think is that this phenomenon works by sowing little discarded pieces of evidence here and there, patiently waiting until a certain number of people might feel compelled to linking the dots.It may be a delusional way on my part to feel important; but I suspect that if people like you guys felt the need to share their experiences through this wonderful invention the Internet with the rest of the world, might be so people like me (guys who search in blogs and read testimonies) could help you discern some patterns that are not so clear to you because you're so familiar with the events. So you need someone from the outside with a different viewpoint, who can see the same events in a different way.Maybe this phenomenon wants all of us to work together to solve this thing. Or maybe 'solving' it is too lofty a goal; if only we can help each other to come in terms with the strangeness of it and advance a few yards with the ball until our part is done, that might be sufficient. Hopefully, in the end our side will win the game :)

I just hope whoever wirets these keeps writing more!

Od razu widać że to nie dziecko Kath :D