:: Katherine Heigl zaadoptowała dziecko

 18.9.2009 | Olka
Katherine Heigl i jej mąż Josh Kelley pokazali swoją adoptowaną córkę. Dziewczynka pochodząca z Korei trafiła do nowej rodziny kilka dni temu. Ma 10 miesięcy i dostała dwa imiona: Nancy po mamie aktorki oraz Leigh (siosta Katherine Heigl to Margaret Leigh) - w skrócie, pieszczotliwie: Naleigh.

To kolejna aktorka z Chirurgów, która niedawno została mamą. Kilka miesięcy temu kolejne dziecko urodziła Chyler Leigh. W ciąży jest także Ellen Pompeo. Większą wersję zdjęcia możecie zobaczyć klikając w miniaturę przy newsie.


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skriver:To be honest and blunt, that's the aobstule best thing you can do. If this guy does some truly sick work, and tells you to get in the chair and let him have at it, chances are you're in good hands. If this cat has a waiting list, hold out for the work. That's a surefire sign it's worth waiting for. If you bring an idea to this artist and he can whip something out with a sharpie wherever you're wanting it, go for it. I have tattooed over half my life and the pieces that are the best are the ones that people give me an idea and let me go to town on. I have done sleeves like that, and never have had a negative response. By doing this, you accomplish two things. One, you're ensuring you are walking out of the shop with a one of a kind piece, and two, you are showing the artist you trust his judgement to give you what you are wanting. Get in the chair, what are you waiting for?

I have four tattoos. DF has 5. Neither of us are done igettng new ink. My parents absolutely hate tattoos and wouldn't let me get any until I was 18 and moved out. I followed their rules and a month after I moved out when I was 18 1/2 I got my first tattoo. I love all of them, but I have one on my forearm that I wish I put somewhere else. Wearing long sleeves at every job during the summer sucks and I'm not educated enough to get away with it (ex: I don't have a masters or a bachelors that will make someone hire me with a tattoo hanging out). If my son/ future children want tattoos they will have to wait until they are 18. I will also let them know that you pay for the work that you get. If you want to spend $50 on a basement tattoo then it's probably going to be crap (then I will point to a disfigured, awful, koi fish on their father's arm). It would be hypocritical of me to say I have tattoos, but you can't get any even when you're legal. But you better believe I will be trying to make sure that the work they get done is safe and quality.

Dzieciak jest okropny :| Ale cieszę się że Kath jest szczęśliwa :) LOL

Pogratulować córeczki i życzyć jak najwięcej radości z macierzyństwa :)