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 23.11.2014 | redakcja
Dla wielu z was nadszedł ten upragniony dzień, gdzie możemy ogłosić wyniki naszego konkursu. Z Olk± byli¶my jednomy¶lni, więc nie będziemy was ¶ciemniać, że były to burzliwe onlinowe obrady :)
I miejsce - Iwona H. - której twórczo¶ć widzicie na miniaturze.
II miejsce - Beauty_Has_Come - za cudowny opis swojej przygody z Roswell, która tak bardzo przypomina nasz±.
III miejsce - Magda Ł. - za kolaż zdjęć.

Przypominamy, że Iwona otrzymuje ksi±żkę, Beauty ma prawo wyboru drugiej nagrody.

@Beauty - wy¶lij mi swój adres oraz decyzję :)

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Hi Achilleas,Thank you for your comments.1. I have now psteod a link to the slide you referred to but with the equation modified by using proper mathematical symbols. Yes, there is a deliberate error embedded in it. My point was to illustrate the passivity on the part of my past students who simply copied everything from the board without any questions. I used the mathematical equation because it is so neat and I remembered it from school, not because I taught them maths ?!2.Ultimately, I am not sure whether in my case the quest for “appropriate methodology” (Holliday’s phrase in: “Appropriate Methodology and Social Contex”, 1994) isn’t just an excuse for a quest – in that direction perhaps but without much hope for completing it. Holliday (1994) saw the issue of appropriate methodology in relation to the then very popular communicative approach (early, mid-nineties) which he critiqued accordingly. Julian Edge wrote something very important about the fact that the approach entailed certain exercises and tasks which involved critical thinking, solving problems, asking (impertinent) questions, even doubting the teacher, etc. The question then arose as to what extent such tasks may be compatible with the prevalent culture and politics of the country where it was being taught and what far-reaching consequences there might be of its practice. Appropriate – or culture-sensitive methodology – I’d change the phrase to “culturally aware” perhaps, striving to incorporate significant elements of the local culture into the teaching/learning process without changing its core objectives. It is certainly an issue I have been trying to work out myself – especially in the context of the subversive effect that western education sometimes seems to be having on its non-western recipients. 3.The most we can extract from the realisation that education is a messy business is that education – although generally understood to perpetuate social and cultural paradigms (Bourdieu and others, hello!) – sometimes turns out to have a subversive impact on the status quo. For instance, look at the communist Poland where the government (opposed by most sections of the society as an ideologically hostile entity imposed by a foreign power) gave every citizen free access to education which was supposed to reinforce the government’s position. In the end it only contributed to its overthrow because people learnt in the process to question that very same ideology the state promoted. Yes, the subversive side of education makes it unpredictable but only to certain degree – maybe a bit like weather forecast. We know there is a storm coming but it may dissipate on the way. Alternatively, it may destroy everything in its path. But it is coming. Also, the subversiveness of education is most visible (and less unpredictable, more “measurable”, describable”) when articulated by and examined in and by individuals. Hence my idea for this research – to explore non-western students’ experiences of western education, their responses to it, interactions with it. I have enough anecdotal evidence to make me convinced that their experiences are often nothing like the intended institutional goals which envision a rather sanitised form of an educational process. And all this is very much uncharted waters here.

Iwona H. Robisz na zamówienia takie wisiorkki? bardzo mi zależy

@Beauty bardzo się cieszę :)

Ok, czekamy. :)

@ Alex - nagroda dotarła i jestem ogromnie zadowolona :D
@ Magda - my¶lę o wrzuceniu tematu wspominkowego na forum, wszak to pożywka do dyskusji :)

Czy ja mogę mail Beauty? :)
Magda ;)

@Justynka - napisz do mnie na - podam Ci mail :)

Czekamy... :D

Będzie prezent na mikołajki dla grzecznej Beauty :D

Dzięki za maile :) Paczki wyjechały :)

Gratulacje dziewczyny :)

Dziękuję bardzo Beauty Has Come i również gratuluję Tobie i Iwonie. :)
Magda ;)
P.S. Lubię niespodzianki i z chęci± przeczytałabym twoj± pracę. :-P


Super, jestem w top 3 ! :)

Iwona, gratuluję - ¶liczno¶ci wyprodukowała¶! Magda - również gratulacje :)

@ Alex - mail ze szczegółami już do Ciebie leci (może nie zdradzę w komentarzach co wybrałam, żeby Magda miała niespodziankę)

Raczej Iwona H. :P

Beauty_Has_Come robisz takie cudeńka na zamówienie?

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